I passionately believe that each woman should own a piece of Elite Jewellery. Every woman deserves a gorgeous, unique and stunning piece of jewellery of the highest quality for which money should be a constraint. It should represent her personal style and be an essence of who she is. This can be one of a kind piece, which can be lovingly passed down generations.

The idea of my “Elite Jewellery” collection comes from observing my elders who patiently waited and saved to acquire the most stunning studded rings, bejewelled necklaces and the most exquisite bracelets. All that mattered was to them was the finest craftsmanship and unique designs. It also takes me back to my routes in India where festival jewellery was carefully designed by heritage jewellers to be inherited by generations.

While my elite collection primarily comprises of high quality carefully selected diamonds, I have also included some exquisite rubies and sapphires as well. The elite designer jewellery can be customized to include pearls also. On special order, I can create a collection of earrings, necklaces and rings combining valuable diamonds along with beautiful gemstones. Over the years my clients have acquired exclusive jewellery one piece at a time and it is joyful to see them put together a complete set or collection.

Like always, I love to emphasise on timeless pieces of delicately crafted luxury jewellery or elite fashion jewellery. I strongly recommend acquiring jewellery which is not based on a seasonal trend and can stand the test of time. As an elite jewellery designer, I take pride in having created timeless pieces fit to be worn by women not necessarily limited to wedding occasion only. My elite jewellery studio is well equipped to create the most stunning pieces of neck jewellery and elite earrings customized to your style and personality.

Keeping up with the tradition as a high end jewellery designer, I ensure the finest quality of stones combined with 18 carat gold and sterling silver to create bespoke Elite Jewellery. You may even choose from my bespoke collection of rings, earrings, bracelets and bangles to create a more sophisticated version of bespoke jewellery. One of my most popular and applauded designs amongst my client is the ruby jewellery which I have also replicated with the finest quality Turquoise or Tourmalines. Another way to create Elite Jewellery is to acquire a bracelet and add pendants to it over a period of time.

I invite my clients to share their design ideas and choice of precious gemstones to create special and one of a kind elite jewellery.

Do not hold back on desires when it comes to creating that one piece of bespoke jewellery with which you will be remembered by many for years to come.

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